Jakarta, 25 January 2007

Dear Sirs/Madam,

We are an IT company, working in profile enhancing services, providing clients with media like websites, interactive CDs and company profiles.

As part of our services, we offer you Panorama View, a digital scenery that will take your client interactively to experience a presence in certain room. With full control in turning and zooming, clients are enabled to check the room by them self as they are present there - either by clicking buttons or directly using mouse in the screen. All scenes are REAL, no animation!

The digital scenery has been widely used by hotels, resorts, university and tourism sites around the world as an important promotion tools. You can find it in Ensyclopedia Encarta, University of Singapore and others. We present you 3 samples here:

Your computer must have JRE (Java Real-time Environment) installed to get the program run.
Internet Explorer considers some script as virus so you need to manually allow it to run.]
Click here to install JRE

·         Jaybird cottage – simply the scenery

you can immediately show room from room list in your website.

·         The cottage sample – view presented with maps

another alternative, with layout to show room composition in the floor.

·         Monas – local sample with map.

outdoor sample. Check the simplicity of the view in the presentation.

This product is very flexible; it can be simply added to your existing website without changing anything.

For further details, please contact us at our office.

Yours truly

D. Lorido Barus


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